Hello, i'm a cloud and web developer.

I'm a coder, a web developerd and a startupper!

Working with php since 2004. During the last year I improved my knowledge in the development of application based on cloud. Only few months ago i founded a new cloudy start-up with my business partner. You can know more about our project on

Cloud and LAMP applications: how to scale

published May 13 2013

The Slides from my speech at the first italian Cloud Conference in last April. An introduction to lamp apps and scalability: the issues and the related solutions, how to scale the app and which services use to do it in the best way. [PHP, Cloud, AWS, Cache]

Cloud Conference and Cloud Training

published Apr 12 2013

I'm happy to introduce the Italian Cloud conference in Turin next 18th April, where a lot of speakers (also me) from great companies such as AWS,, Zend Technolgies, Corley, Read Hat and NuvolaBase will speak about cloud computing and scalability. [Cloud, AWS, startup]

Mongo ad PHP: review

published Feb 12 2013

My review of the manual MongoDB and PHP, an interesting book 8maybe too much short?) that explain quickly how to use a very populare nosql database like mongoDB with no troubles. [PHP, Cloud, Nosql]

WordPress integration with AWS - Part 2

published Feb 11 2013

From the Wordcamp Bologna Conference where i was such as relator, the second version of slide about integration of WordPress with cloud services and tutorial about scalability of PHP applications. [Cloud, AWS, WordPress]

My interview for

published Jan 29 2013

The interview published by where I talked about startups, cloud computing, entrepreneur life and passion that I put into my work every day. Hoping not find it too boring! [Cloud, startup]

Five great lessons from AWS

published Jan 13 2013

Amazon Web Services provides the reliable, secure and highperformance infrastructure required for web applications. This is an interesting list of 5 differente slides published by AWS. [my best 5, Cloud, AWS, Cache]

Parse: launch a full-featured app in record time

published Jan 01 2013

A short introduction to a smart service that helps you to design, dev and deploy scalable web and mobile application, thanks to different services easy to manage and cost affordable. [Cloud]

CDN comparison: best content delivery network services

published Sep 02 2012

A content delivery network helps you to increare speed on your website thanks to a worldwide delivery service. Here a useful table comparison of most popular cdn such Amazon CloudFront, MaxCDN, CloudFlare and more.

My first six months as startupper!

published Jul 29 2012

A brief overview on my exprience as startuppuer and entrepreneur at Corley Cloud. This is what i'm feeling now after six intense months of work, something like one ton of coffe drinked and over a million keystrokes! [startup]

Architecting for aws: how to design cloud apps

published Jul 26 2012

Highly available app design can be complex and expensive. Amazon Web Services provides the reliable, secure and highperformance infrastructure required for web applications. This is a greate slide shared on Slideshare that explain you the power of the cloud. [Cloud, AWS]

BrennoCache: a smart cache engine for your php applications

published Jul 16 2012

BrennoCache is the first tool of the PHP BrennoLibrary. Thanks to BrennoCache you can easily store and fetch your data in cache with tagging features and handler manager. Read this article to see how to integrate it in your web apps and get the source code. [PHP, Cache]

WordPress integration with AWS

published Jun 18 2012

From the first WordPress Italian Conf where i was such as relator, slides,how-to, tutorials and tips about integration of WordPress with cloud services provided by Amazon. [Cloud, AWS, WordPress]

AWS policy to host public files with S3

published Jun 01 2012

Amazon S3 is storage for the Internet. It is designed to make web-scale computing easier for developers. This how-to use specific policies to host public files of different websites on a single S3 bucket. [Tips & Tricks, AWS]

Mooml: a great javascript template engine!

published May 21 2012

The template engine are now rising. Here you can find a great method to create and manage you dom elements in your web application, thanks to a brilliant tpl engine for javascript framework Mootools. [template engine, Mootools, Javascript]

CloudFront now supports dynamic content

published May 16 2012

A great news was published few days ago at Amazon Web Services blog: now CloudFront, one of the most famous content delivery network, supports dynamic content through query string. You can read more about in this article! [Cloud, AWS]
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