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Mongo ad PHP: review

MongoDB and PHP is an interesting manual hot off the press, no frills that explores the potential of a NoSQL database combined with the simplicity and power of PHP. From simple language, this small volume (less than 70 pages) offers very interesting insights to those PHP developers who want to go beyond the now commonplace application development apache + mysql + php.

Let's be honest: we all know well how PHP can be powerful and flexible, thanks to its versatility and the huge community that supports it, and at the same time controversial and dangerous, almost like a maverick. After nearly two decades of growth and spread, this language is experiencing a turbulent revolution and is now out of fashion leave behind the "old" and jump among the many innovations that stand out like mushrooms around us developers.


MongoDB is at first sight a perfect opportunity to test with simplicity the strange objects that are NoSQL databases: Forget the rigid columns of MySQL, the annoying relational constraints, terror and disgust from having, if necessary, cripple our database by changing tables and structure. MongoDB was born in 2007 and is now supported by a very active community, we propose a simple database and immediate, with few rules and a lot of flexibility, which allows us to model our db around our needs, and not vice versa. Easy to install and integrate in our application. Perfect for data storage de-structured and flexible enough to adapt to the needs of each application and size.

MongoDB and PHP drives us in this new world by moving through a simple and almost obligatory introduction, installation, implementation, development, "advanced tuning." It shows how to create and use our first database, enticing with a few lines of code, just enough to manage a database like MongoDB.

The manual is interesting, easy to read and full of ideas. Perhaps, and here is the sore point, too underdeveloped: too many chapters set the annoying tone, "if you want to do something more then arranged" the feeling is that of a well-written book, but it leaves you in the middle, right on more beautiful, with too many points to want / need to develop, so ask if you could do something more.

It is clearly not a fully harsh criticism. On the contrary: MongoDB and PHP is a recommended reading and certainly stimulating, that will cater somebody to take that extra step, and probably leave (what a pity!) the others in the company of the dangerous feeling of "good that I discovered something new", but with no the courage to go further. But basically this sums up, for better or for worse, the world of PHP.


Title: MongoDB and PHP

Author: Steve Francia

Published By O'REILLY

Available on

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