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Mooml: a great javascript template engine!

written by Gabriele Mittica, May 21 2012

What's Mooml?

Mooml is a great Mootools Plugin.

With Mooml you can easily create and manage dom object through an impressive template engine for Motools Library. In few words, it lets you build html from Javascript using a very nice and clean syntax taking advantage of the power of Mootools.

Why you should use it?

Mooml can be a great choise for your web applications like mobile apps, backend areas or social networks. Mooml creates the html elements and returns to you one or more elements that you can manage with Mootools.

This is a great advantage because you can manage dinamically the dom elements throught the real power of Mootools: a compact and smart object-oriented Javascript Framework. You can integrate Mooml in your code and create a real-live web app!

Step one: Register Mooml globally

Here a couple of codes to register the templates globally.

Mooml.register('mytemplate', function() {
    div({id: 'mydivid'},
    p('Lorem Ipsum'),
    p(a({ href: '' }, 'click here'))

...or on the Fly

You can also use Mooml in the html body

var template = new Mooml.Template('mytemplate', function() {
    div({id: 'mydivid'},
    p('Lorem Ipsum'),
    p(a({ href: '' }, 'click here'))

Now you can generate your html:

To call the examples above:

    var el = Mooml.render('mytemplate');
    var el = template.render();

The html produced


Lorem Ipsum

click here

More, more and more

You can know more on official Mootools Forge page and on GitHub.

Please consider to use Mooml in you web app!

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Gabriele Mittica
Gabriele Mittica I'm a 28 years old web developer with a long experience on dynamic websites. I worked over 7 years on content management systems designing. Now I'm focused on AWS integration and cloud development. In early 2012 I opened a new cloudy startup:Corley.

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