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My first six months as startupper!

written by Gabriele Mittica, Jul 29 2012

My adventure in Corley started at 27th june 2012.

After 6 months, i can say something about this experience.


Around you are all astonished.

The Family: Are you sure of what you're doing?

The accountant: Last week three of my customers went out of business. You really want to open a new business?

The man in the bank, terrified: You're not going to ask us for money, dude?

I admit it was fun!


Creating something is always exciting.

The first feeling that overwhelms you is passion. Not unexpected. It pervades everything from transforming an empty apartment into an office to design the logo of your business. From observing the startups around you to design your new products.

Be smart, special.


Immediately after the passion, here the inspiration : it is difficult to explain, but everything takes shape only when you find it in your hands: we discuss how to transform a product into something brilliant and what to give to our future business. If there was any certainty before you start, it is now completely renewed, changed.


Work, work, work, work (and coffee, coffee, coffee, coffeee!). Every day in the office. We try to create something smart but at the same time we must sacrifice so many efforts to collect few profits and stay afloat. To be honest: it is not easy to start, especially when you're only two of you and you want to create something... great.


Run into a wall is not pleasant. So many doors are closed, many people do not listen. We're looking for investments but everyone is afar. We want to believe in what we do, but with a critical eye and watching every choice, trying to keep ever.

Italy around us is scared, skeptical, angry. It is not pleasant.

corley flag 3


Something begins to emerge. Suddenly, one day you realize that what you are doing arouses some interest in those around you. It starts slowly, but people start asking questions, exposing doubts, giving advice. This is the time when we had to choose which brand imprint to Corley. Which way to go.


You realize immediately that it is essential to share, compare, discuss. The net is too fast to stay still. If there's one advice I can give, that's it: create contacts around you, provide answers, ask questions, explain your products and ideas in a transparent manner. Via twitter, linkedin, a blog. Everything you want.


After six months I can say to be glad, optimistic. A lot has been made, so much remains to be done. I can not say what will happen tomorrow but the only thing I can say is this: when I get off the train and walk to the office, I'm happy.

Dedicated to all entrepreneurs and startuppers.

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Gabriele Mittica
Gabriele Mittica I'm a 28 years old web developer with a long experience on dynamic websites. I worked over 7 years on content management systems designing. Now I'm focused on AWS integration and cloud development. In early 2012 I opened a new cloudy startup:Corley.

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