Hello, i'm a cloud and web developer.

About Me

I’m a 28 years old developer.

From 2002 to 2005 i followed the IT department of Turin university (Italy).

In 2004 i followed up my dreams and i become a freelancer in php and html development. I started working as consultant in web application designing.

In 2007 i opened my first office, an 25 s.q. under ground hole: a desk, a chair, a coffe machine, 2-3 lcd displays and a small freezer where stocking beer. Yeah, a very nerd and small place. Here i worked for the italian edition of Tom’s Hardware web site, providing the content management system and after the mobile version. Here i designed my first advanced web application.

Starting 2008 i worked also as consultant in the IT department of Contur, working on travel management applications. Here i met Walter. Together, in 2012, after a lot of 12-hours-working days, tons of coffe, thousands of shots on keyboards, we decided to open our IT company focused on cloud services for web publishers: Corley

Last summer we joined as finalist with our project UpCloo to the Birmingham Oxygen Accelerator: UpCloo is a cloud application that helps websites rich in content to get quality traffic and monetize their back catalogue.
Now I'm a startupper: Corley and UpCloo are my new home.

Something else...

I love trekking (Dolomiti, you know?), I like to cook (in italian and others) and, definitely, I love travelling around the world. Some places I touched: Barcelona, Madrid, Granada, Valencia. Paris (3 times), Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Bruxelles, London. Whole Germany during the 2006 edition of FIFA Wordl CUP and the South Africa in the 2010 edition. I was been also in Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary. I rode for Ireland, Corsica, Grece and i visited New York one year ago.

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