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Cloud and LAMP applications: how to scale

published May 13 2013

The Slides from my speech at the first italian Cloud Conference in last April. An introduction to lamp apps and scalability: the issues and the related solutions, how to scale the app and which services use to do it in the best way. [PHP, Cloud, AWS, Cache]

Five great lessons from AWS

published Jan 13 2013

Amazon Web Services provides the reliable, secure and highperformance infrastructure required for web applications. This is an interesting list of 5 differente slides published by AWS. [my best 5, Cloud, AWS, Cache]

BrennoCache: a smart cache engine for your php applications

published Jul 16 2012

BrennoCache is the first tool of the PHP BrennoLibrary. Thanks to BrennoCache you can easily store and fetch your data in cache with tagging features and handler manager. Read this article to see how to integrate it in your web apps and get the source code. [PHP, Cache]
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